book: No Other Gods

No Other Gods is launching August 8, 2013


Geno exists only to fight and to die.

But he doesn’t die, and as he fights, he remembers. And as he remembers, Geno becomes more and more who he really is.

“Non-stop action! An eternal champion battles his way across centuries, gradually learning to ask the question: why?”

- bestselling science fiction author David Brin

From ancient Sumer to earth’s distant future, Geno battles with sword and laser, arrow and particle beam, seeking only to obey the will of the gods.

At least at first.

Thou shalt have no other God than me,” the ancient commandment says. But slowly Geno learns that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic … and that those who claim to be gods, who require his obedience and worship, may be all too human themselves.

Human enough to desire the only woman in his life, Livia. Human enough to envy.

Human enough to kill what they no longer require.


“Non-stop action! An eternal champion battles his way across centuries, gradually learning to ask the question: why?” – best-selling science fiction author David Brin

No-other-Gods-cover“John is an amazing new talent to watch out for!”

- Matthew Mather, author of Atopia Chronicles and CyberStorm

“Very impressive writing! It pulled me into the story right away. I really like the style of writing; articulate, engaging and constantly makes you want to read more. It was actually hard for me to stop!”

- Andi Gutmans, creator of the PHP programming language

“An Asimov tone with a Battle Royale feel and a Game of Thrones twist!”

- Simon Dawlat, CEO of AppGratis

“Few writers are as much a joy to read … you won’t stop!”

- Matt Marshall, editor of VentureBeat

“Blends myth and technology in the story of a futuristic warrior serving the gods. John Koetsier has created a scifi page-turner with enough historical detail to ground it.”

- Meg Simpson, game designer

“Prepare to be swept away into a fascinating world where all is not what it seems – this is one amazing journey you’ll never forget.”

- Eunice Schaap, editor

“Battle descriptions are awesome and the action was pure adrenaline injected into my brain!”

- Alexandre Rocha Lima e Marcondes, Geeks with Blogs


No Other Gods – press release

No Other Gods – 20-page preview


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