About Me

john-koetsier-1I build stuff. Sometimes I write about it, and occasionally I talk about it.

I’ve managed teams of developers, built mobile apps, created learning management systems, and been a product manager. Currently I’m building a venture-backed research division of VentureBeat in San Francisco while also serving as acting CMO.

I’ve started a coworking space, wrote a novel (No Other Gods), and published a personal iPad app, the Wonderful Colorful House …  the result of a bedtime story I told my daughter when she was just three.

There’s a lot more about me on my various social media accounts … skip back up to the home page to check the key ones out.

In case you’re looking for a resume, LinkedIn is your best option, where I’ve got about 50 recommendations and hundreds of endorsements. But here’s a very slightly more traditional version as well …

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